Corporate, private and group hire track days.

Would you like to get on track and share in the fun with your clients, club, team, customers, colleagues, friends and family?

We can customise a corporate, private and group hire track day to suit all of your specialised needs.

Whether you want to team build, create confidence, develop relationships, product launch or it’s just for fun, Track Day Club corporate, private and group hire track days deliver a personalised experience with professionalism, motorsport knowledge and a smile.

Drive your car on a motorsport track in a coordinated safe environment without speed restrictions. We tailor our days for beginners, enthusiasts, and those in between. These fun filled, customised and exciting days are sure to please and impress. Explore your car’s potential, improve driving skills and experience handling and braking capabilities all with the familiarity of friends.

These events track days include a track walk, Drivers briefing, Driver Coach, Passenger sessions, live timing, Photographer and morning tea and lunch and accomodation (if required) and are located in NSW at Wakefield Park  and Pheasant Wood circuits.


Also available, is the option to hire a session*. Invite 15 of your favourites friends and book the entire session at one of our general public days and enjoy the exclusivity of a private session with all the customisation you need.

*One session available for private hire per general public track day and conditions apply.


Connect via the contact page or dial Yvette direct on 0438 642 622 to plan and secure a date.

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