Wrap Up – Saturday 19th May 2018.


It was a quarter to four and we were still vying for the last minutes on track. Everyone was so keen!

Sunny and cool, perfect track conditions all day, we shared in another super array of cool cars and their stars. Look out the photos in the coming weeks!

We welcomed another huge group of first timers as they explored their cars’ limits and built worlds of confidence in the car they know and love, honestly, helping this happen is so rewarding.

The Women’s Motorsport Development Program joined us, what a brilliant initiative. The women discovering the various disciplines of motorsport and we were privileged to partner with them and provide the track day experience. Watching the girls’ progression throughout the day as their tenacity and competence increased was fabulous.

Family participation ruled, a particular favourite of Track Day Club! Mums and Daughters, Dads and Sons, Sisters, Brothers and those friends who may as well be family, sharing the wheel and the fun!

So much great feedback and laughs, new friends and a shared passion with Track Day Club make what we do so worthwhile. Thank you each of you who drove, spectated, supported and were passengers. You are the best!

The TDC team never stopped, so much to do and they do it with a minimum of fuss, you are fantastic! Thank you! JamesRebeckah, Peter, GeorgeEmelyNickPatrick, Rod and George.

To Mechelle, all those sweet delights! You’re an angel! Thank you! Cupcakes and rocky road all home-made! DELISH!

To our Driver Coach, Greg, if I didn’t hear it once I heard it ten times from those who got you in their car, “what a difference Greg made for me” Sharing your knowledge and jumping in for a drive gave valuable insight to owners on their car and the capabilities. #lapenhancer

Our friends at DBA – Disc Brakes Australia, thank you again! With giveaways and conversations aplenty with the display sparking plenty of interest and query.

Thanks to legend, Phil and Raceaway Track Time, so great to have your expertise and support!

Thank you to Burson Auto Parts, those awesome discount cards were again popular amongst the drivers.

Thanks to Shane from Kumho Motorsport Tyres, fitting tyres on site with unreal deals – you can’t beat that!

Thank you to the boys at SR Performance, their assistance and advice is always appreciated!

What a great surprise was the personalised A-frame for our events! If you need signs, cards, merchandise see Monaro Signs & Graphics

To Neale from Photo & Graphics, your passion and vision is fantastic! Can’t wait to see the shots. Even got some cortina action in! #gothecorty

Thank you  Eldee Timing Solutions, always on point. Find your times at @ natsoft.com.au

A shout out to the team at Wakefield Park, awesome job!

We are headed to Queensland in two weeks TRACK DAY CLUB™ Saturday 2nd June 2018 at QR Queensland Raceway and we’re really excited! Book NOW! We have two spots on the car carrier if you want to fly and drive or drive up and make a weekend out of it!


See you on track.



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