Wrap up – 14th October

What a day was we had!

Thanks to each and every one of you who attended, all of us together made for a sensational day!

We saw a fast track and the PB’s were going off. The drizzle came and went and came back, the sun shone briefly but nothing dampened all of our enthusiasm!

Dayyum! Those cars!!! We saw the racers, the regulars, the royals and righteous!

Race cars spanning multiple categories, some of the best modern muscle and JDM you’ll see, the distinguished euros wowing the crowd and the awesome classics making us proud! To have so many brilliant people together all with a common interest dedicated to having fun in their cars is what it’s about!

To the TDC team machine, each of you shined!
From wayward wheels to stranded cars, a stubborn controller, mechanical repairs, any requests and needs, even an emergency milk run! Thank you so much to James, Rebeckah, George, Peter, Emely, Nik, Patrick, Tony, George. Amazing!

A shout out to each of you who pitched in or offered, you’re wonderful! Thanks Mark and Renee
Thank you Driver Coach, Greg in and out of each of your cars, I think I only saw you twice, it was a busy one! You nailed it! #lapenhancer

To the racers and professional drivers who pitched in, Paul Boschert, Jacqueline Graeme, Tony and Marty, just to name a few, thank you!

Shout out to Phil and Karen, the legends from RaceAway Track Time so great to have your expertise, support and great energy!

Thanks to the team from Kumho Motorsport Tyres, your tyre technology, your wealth of knowledge, convenience and of course those great prices all enhance the day!

Thank you to the boys from SR Performance their ongoing support and advice is always appreciated! Steven, Stephen and Oscar, you three rock!

To Nick and his team from Detailing Shed, always with something new, the best products and prices! Thank you!

To Neale from Photo & Graphics, that moleskin jacket worked like a charm! Thank you for always looking for the best shots for us! We can’t wait to see the magic!

Thank you to Michael from Eldee Timing Solutions, yay for those cupcakes! #sorrylisa You can see all your times at natsoft.com.au

A shout to the team at Wakefield Park! Fantastic!

Thanks to the Hibernian Hotel Goulburn ‘The Hibo’ for looking after 24 of us for dinner. The meals were on point!

Check out all the photos here.

We are back at TRACK DAY CLUB™ Sunday 2nd December 2018 Wakefield Park only 5 weeks to go and we are filling fast! Get online now and book!#bepartofsomething #trackdayclub #dontmissout #speedlegally

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