Wrap Up – Saturday 4th August 2018

The CARS are the STARS and Saturday the 4th August at Wakefield Park was testament to that! A diverse array of machines graced the track and absolutely delighted us.
The rare W1, legendary 488 and a beautiful Aston V8 Vantage, we saw immaculate classics, the GT Falcon and Dodge RT Charger, a stunning pair of C3 Corvettes, a very cool little Alfa Sud! Hey, where does this stop?
An awesome fleet of agile JDM was on hand, two of Sydney’s best skylines, pretty 86’s, cool Z cars, Evo’s to impress, WRX’s current and classic, plus a glam S15, that’s so damn fast!
Europe’s track day best thrilled us, Skoda, VW, Audi, there was dynamic M cars, flying Meganes’, two magical E30s and AMGs were well represented, a Porsche GT4, a 911 and Cayman all keep our camera’s a clicking.
Brock VLs, HSVs, Monaro’s and SS Commodores a plenty plus two very tough wagons! Fords were out in force, with turbos, V8s and Mustang coupes, and a few super nimble fours!
With Drivers spanning the east coast from Queensland through to Victoria and everywhere in between, we want to thank you! If you participated, supported, spectated, you’re amazing! It was chilly, and the cars loved it.
The TDC team nailed it! Thinking on their feet, each of you are extraordinary.
With some of the team away so many of you pitched in and helped. A shout out to Chris, Zach and William.
To everyone who kindly offered, we are so grateful!
To Mechelle, our angel. Rocky road, cupcakes, slices and each made with love. Thank you SOOO much! #todiefor
With over 25 brand new participants as part of our sold out day, Driver Coach, Greg was flat out! In and out of cars, helping make everyone’s day a whole lot better, improving lap times and building confidence, plus you all kept him warm! Can’t get much better than that! #lapenhancer
We were also lucky to have Tony Virag who stepped into Driver Coach duties for the day as well, we made sure we kept you busy too as you shared your valuable track knowledge with your amazing relaxed style. Thank you, we really appreciate it!
Shout out to RaceAway Track Time, so great to have your expertise and support and great deals! you’re a legend!
Thanks to thee team from Kumho Motorsport Tyres, fitting tyres on site, offering loads of deals and knowledge about Kumho’s and the best fit for you.
Thank you to the boys from SR Performance their ongoing support and advice is always appreciated! Steven, Stephen and Oscar, you three rock!
To the Detailing Shed, what a great introduction to a new generation of car care products, we can’t wait to see more!
To Photo & Graphics, you never shy from a weather challenge to deliver the goods, it was brisk and you were out there! Thank you for your passion and keen eye and we are all looking forward to seeing your magnificent shots from the day
Thank you to Eldee Timing Solutions, Such a fantastic product you deliver. You can see all your times at natsoft.com.au
A shout out to the team at Wakefield Park, awesome job! Thank you!
Check out all the photos HERE
We are back at TRACK DAY CLUB™ Sunday 14th October 2018 Wakefield Park and we are nearly full!
Head over to the TRACK DAYS tab and book! #bepartofsomething #trackdayclub #dontmissout


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